Everything is Energy.
When we become aware of ourselves as energetic beings and learn to work with the energy of us, and the energy of everything around us, we become more powerful, intentional creators of our lives. We are also Present in our lives in a deeper way and experience everyday life as part of our own soul’s journey. Life becomes more an adventure than a battle or school with lessons to be learned in order to graduate.

Introduction to Self-love, Super Powers and Inner Wisdom

Discover the gift that you came here to be. Are you living your truth or are you trying to fit into someone else's blueprint? This course will teach the steps necessary to discover what is true for you and how to love, respect and appreciate your authentic self. Learn to shift your energy and your mindset to go from living like like a series of battles and experience your life like an adventure or sacred soul journey instead.

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Living a Spirit-led life

When you act from inspiration and are feeling good about yourself, making decisions and following them through becomes easier.  The path may still be bumpy but the ride is smoother and the direction is more certain whether it's  grocery-shopping, building a business or planning a vacation.  
Get more done and feel better about it when following inner compass. 

Learn to hear your inner wisdom and trust your higher guidance.

Self-love unleashes your super powers.

What is your super ability? What do you already possess that you just haven't discovered yet?

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Self-love unleashes your super powers.

Here's what we will be covering

  • Free yourself from doubt.

  • Eliminate the blocks keeping you stuck.

  • Discover what you are capable of as an energetic being.

  • Uncover the gifts you came here to share.

Guide and Mentor

Inspirational Humorist & Chief SpoonBender

  • Miche Meizner

    Miche Meizner

    Heartfelt Energetics Instructor

    As an inspirational humorist, and certified coach I have been enthusiastically teaching people how to bend spoons using mind over matter to see for themselves how much your thoughts and feelings matter. They literally shape our world. Through years of study and training I've developed quite a varied toolbox. As a Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor and Mentor I bring humor and insight to assist my students in breaking free of patterns that feel stuck and make profound change with ease. I am here to provide the training and support so you can BE who we are with confidence and pride and emanate the truth of who you are in order to affect the world you live in rather than try to change yourself in order to fit into the world. The world is waiting for you, not for someone like you. I've done my work to stand up and share my gifts. I am committed to helping you stand up and share yours.

Who am I?
I’m Miché Meizner, Self-Love and Super-Powers Mentor, Chief Spoonbender, Certified Life Coach,Teacher,Guide and Energy Worker. My mission is to help you see yourself in a more loving light in order to shine as the gift you truly are.

Some Testimonials From clients, colleagues and teachers

“Miche made my first experience bending spoons super simple and she is right...your life won't be the same after!”

M. GetzM. Getz

“You are an angel in human clothing. Your love and your light are palpable for all to see, feel and most especially evolve in. I would recommend you at any moment to anyone as far as coaching. You go through the heart. Not only from the heart but through the heart to the soul.”

Dr. Tianna Conte  <br> www.yourgpscode.com Dr. Tianna Conte

“I don’t remember if I told you this or not, but I’ve done some amazing things in my life including walking on fire, but I consider spoonbending is the MOST amazing, astonishing, transformational thing I’ve ever done – probably because it happened right in my own hands AND completely defies the laws of science as we know them.”

Lorna Sophia Levy  Law of Attraction Teacher<br>  http://www.lawofattractiongps.comLorna Sophia Levy Law of Attraction Teacher

“Miché is a genius! She will show you how to lift your vibration and how to keep yourself supported as you reach each new heights! If you have never experienced bending a spoon with Miché you are in for a mind blowing experience! Quirky, witty, engaging- Miché offers wonderful resources to change your life!”

Colleen GilbertColleen Gilbert

“I love the powerful simplicity of the message that Miche brings. As you learn to let go of what gets in your way and know that you can bend a spoon, your Beliefs about yourself in the world change. It’s that simple and yet so profound.”

Barb Ryan M.S. <br> www.guidessofhappiness.comBarb Ryan M.S.

“There is something special about Miche. I liked her from the moment I met her. She is kind and compassionate, has a big heart, and radiates authenticity and integrity. There is a vulnerability that she willingly shares, and in doing so, demonstrates her strength of character. Like me, she believes change can happen instantaneously... when we get out of our own way and allow. ”

Linda Lang Emotional Alchemist <br> ThoughtChange.comLinda Lang Emotional Alchemist

“Miché is a warm and engaging teacher who makes learning accessible and enjoyable. In the workshop I took with her, I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing both my successes and frustrations. What I really appreciated about Miché's approach was the underlying meaning of what we were learning. In my case, it wasn't just about how to bend spoons, but how we could take that knowledge and experience and use it in the rest of our lives to live more deeply and confidently.”

Rev. Joanna Bartlett ~ Author, Storyteller, Medium <br> http://www.joannabartlett.comRev. Joanna Bartlett ~ Author, Storyteller, Medium